Jackie Skelly Fitness: Club Membership Complaints

A selection of e-mails and other communications regarding Jackie Skelly’s

e-mail to web-master, 8th Feb 2008, from ” Fatso McIheartgyms”

Jackie Skelly has been ignoring me for nearly
two months. Unfortunatly, I am a member of Jackie Skelly fitness on
Clarendon Street.

I have phoned them 5 times. 5 times i have
spoken to people, who are getting paid with my money, to be rude to
me and ignore me.

Employees who answer the phone, do not know
any information about my account (thank fuck – i wouldn’t give them
the responsibility of minding a pet turtle in hibernation).

No messages that I have left have been passed
on to anyone to contact me. So, I have emailed twice. Especially if
the woman who is qualified to speak to me is jsut out of the office,
maybe she can read emails? but NOTHING.

I gave them enough time to cancel my account.
now I want a refund for month no 13. Ever heard of this happening


e-mail to The Joe Duffy Showr, 12 June, 2008, from John McCormack

Hello Joe


I am writing on behalf of my wife Geraldine McCormack who had a gym membership with Jackie Skelly in the M1 retail park Drogheda starting in February 2007, around September 2007 Geraldine got a bad eye infection and as a result stopped using the gym, after a couple of months of not using the gym I suggested that it was a waste of money and we should cancel the membership, so in October we requested from Jackie Skelly’s that the membership be terminated because of Geraldine’s illness this request was unsuccessful the only concession was that was offered was that I (John McCormack) could use the remainder of the membership we weren’t happy with this outcome but decided to go with it as the membership only had a couple of months to run its course, we both had to go to the gym on there request to sign the necessary changeover forms and at this time we also told the representative we where dealing with that we did not wish to renew the membership when it expired in February 2008 and filled out the necessary forms for this also (as things turned out I never used the gym)

All seamed to be in hand until Geraldine received a bank statement today Tuesday 3rd of June with the direct debit for Jackie Skelly (Map Dance Ltd) still been taken taken from her account she has now paid for March April May & June as the direct debit comes out on the 2nd of the month, we rang the gym and spoke to Katie Anderson who told us there was no record of us requesting a cancellation or no record of us requesting membership changeover on Geraldine’s account so as a result the direct debit continued, she also said unless we got confirmation from them within 10 days of the cancellation request (I think she said 10 days) it would not happen, I then requested a refund for the 4 months we had paid for and was told that I was not entitled to one the membership was not cancelled the only concession was that we could use the gym for a 4 month period, the term that was paid for.

I am sure you will agree that this is not a very satisfactory outcome it’s 200 Euro we don’t have to throw away and neither of us want to use the gym, do we not have any rights the membership has not been used sine September 2007 and should have expired in February but to date we are still paying, today I requested our cancellation be confirmed to us in writing and Katie Anderson said she would oblige, I have a feeling you may have covered this topic before but I am unsure of the outcome maybe you can advise me/us can you do you and your team do your magic and get a positive result for both my wife Geraldine and myself, I feel this is a scam as I have read on forums www.boards.ie and http://www.askaboutmoney.com of similar situations


e-mail to web-master, 13 June, 2008, from (name withheld)

I have had similar problems with Jackie Skelly’s when trying to cancel my membership they just won’t do it. I contacted them in January by email on their website to cancel my membership, when I heard nothing from them and my direct debits were still coming out of my bank I cancelled my direct debits. I got one phone call from them saying your in arrears you must pay. Then the letters started. The first one was a Final Warning when i had just received one call and the person was supposed to be looking into my case ( they said they never received the email). Since then i have had numerous letters all of which state a different amount owing on them, I have also sent them replies to which I have not got one single response from them. They are a sham of a company, they have no communication skills, no organisational skills and are just out to rob people.


e-mail to web-master, 7 July, 2008, from (name withheld)

… I’m tearing my hair out with these gangsters …


e-mail to web-master, 14 July, 2008, from (name withheld)

I too cancelled (or so I thought) my membership with Jackie Skellys. Now 3 months later €120 has been taken from my account. As I was aware that they might try this, I had already cancelled the direct debit and I had cancelled my credit card. Lo and behold they still somehow helped themselves through my Laser card. How is this possible? I don’t remember giving anyone authorization so how is this possible. … I agree jasabola with the other comments listed on this site. Nobody ever overlooked the pool and the place is smelly.

Stay away.


e-mail to web-master, 25 July, 2008, from (name withheld)

(the e-mail concerns the repeated unauthorised use of a customer’s laser card – actions now referred to the Fraud Squad. It invites the question as why JS would return moneys if they really thought they had acted within the law)

… I got a snotty phone call from them last night for the first time in weeks, they were phoning to say the hadn’t received anything from the fraud squad yet and that I was in the wrong because legally once I give them a laser card, they are authorised to debit from it and that they would welcome a trip to the small claims court to resolve the issue. Phone call lasted for thirty minutes and by the end of it the girl told me that if I gave her two days she would have monies refunded back into the laser card account …


e-mail to web-master, 10 August, 2008, from Harry the Hippo

Some more t ypical Skellyweg behaviour:

Just thought you could post my story on your site. I need to vent.

In April I joined Jackie Skelly’s gym on Clarendon Street.

A sales man, David, was quite shameless in his sales techniques and set about quickly getting me to sign a contract, telling me I could “read over the details of the terms & conditions in my own time.”

 Just as I was about to sign, I asked if I was signing a 12 month contract, I would be leaving the country during the year. He told me it was, with hesitation, and there was a higher monthly fee for a shorter contract. We agreed I would join the gym for three months at a higher monthly rate.

So instead of ticking any option, simply, “3 months” was written across a note about the 12 month contract.

On August the 1st €95 was taken for my account. It was explained to me that I chose the minimum three month contract and 2 months notice was required to cancel.

I explained that David had made it clear to me that I only needed to pay for three months as I was leaving the country. David had never made it clear that I would again have to confirm my cancellation as we had agreed upon three months when my membership began.

Marie Dolan, the club administrator, says that David should have made the terms clearer but a refund will not be issued. However I could use the gym until the end of the month. I told you I really need the money, but she didn’t seem to care.

Marie says the terms of the contract are clear. However a member of her staff, who never actually gave me a chance to read those terms and who assured me that I would only need to pay for the three months, altered the terms of the contract.

Marie assured me she cancelled the direct debit. However, my bank indicates it is still active. Aisling, Marie’s colleague with whom I was speaking with while  she was out told me they are unable to cancel direct debits from their end, that it was up to me, solely, to cancel it. I argued with her at length on this point, because Marie assured me it was up to them, but she insisted it was my responsibility to cancel the direct debit. Having returned to the bank, I was told to cancel the direct debit by writing to my branch.

Then I called Marie back to know why she seemingly hadn’t cancelled the direct debit. She told be she had, babbled about “procedures” and insisted there was no need for to me to cancel my direct debit. She had contradicted what my bank and her colleague told me to do, to cancel the direct debit. Which is when I got angry.

I told her she was lying to me, she laughed and said she wasn’t. I shouted “your gym is the devil and your a dickhead.”

Ultimately, the conversation was left unresolved. However it did alleviate some stress to shout down the phone at her.

I think I’ll just have have to close my account and re-open it in another branch…



e-mail intended for Jackie Skelly but sent to web-master in error, 15th September 2008

The most common complaint

i had member ship in Jackes Kelly in Park West. I signed my contract for one year. it already  finished in april. But u still take money from my account even i cancel my member ship with u and also i gave 2months cancelation form.
can u explain me how its possible?
[Name Withheld}

e-mail to the web-master, 26 September 2008 frm [name withheld]

Interesting revelations from an employee:

On reading your on-line site, please find attached some information you may find interesting.  Do what you will with this information I hope if facilitates you in highlighting the extreme illegal practices of Ms Jackie Skelly Mr Mark Tooke MDs and Ms Karen Fallon Senior Manager of Jackie Skelly Fitness ….

Sales Debt Collection Administration Training

All members of the Sales Team are subjected to extremely high sales targets. Even though JSF saturate their prospective markets with information all members of the sales team face immediate dismissal if targets are not achieved.

Senior Management of JSF will advise the general public that any miss-selling of memberships by any Sales Consultants results in disciplinary action. However behind the scenes, a great deal of sales training is implemented and encourages all Sales Consultants to disguise the very important Terms and Conditions and if they have to, lie or give false information on the contract in order to close the sale. The reasoning behind this is, if a member does not read the terms and conditions it’s their own problem. I would encourage any potential member to read everything prior to signing and if in any doubt about any section of the T&C ask to speak to an administrator. DO NOT BELIEVE THE SALE TEAM AS THEIR JOBS ARE ON THE LINE IF THEY DON’T MEET THEIR TARGETS.

Under no circumstance divulge any Credit/Debit Card information to any member of staff. On one particular occasion all Debt Collectors/Administrators were advised by Senior Management to debit any Credit/Debit Card of any member who was in default of their monthly subscription without informing the member and seeking permission to do so. If a member was in arrears for several months subscription then a lump sum was to be debited. Objections were raised by the Debt Collectors on this process as it was violation of all policies and procedures there were trained in their previous employment , however their objections were over looked and resulted in them being labelled as having a bad attitude by senior management. However a number of Administrative Staff were fired as any refund was put against their financial target hence targets not being met. The reason for their dismissal was not highlighted for the above reason but conveniently disguised as incapable of doing their job.

In regards to Sales, a very good sales technique is to ask a potential member for his credit/debit card details in order to hold a membership spot as places are limited (JSF would sing up a 1000 members in 1 day if they could). As the sales team are under extreme pressure and most of them are of a very young age, they have been known to process the member’s application and debit the Credit/Debit Card for the first month’s fee in order to achieve their personal target. However unknowing to this person, they are now a member of JSF and their Credit/Debit Card will continue to be debited on a monthly basis without their consent until they finally realise this by checking their statement. If you call to seek information as to why this happened, you will not get to speak to the sale consultant but rather the administrator who has had no previous knowledge of this.

By Order of Senior Management all refund requests of illegal debits from Credit/Debit Card and personal bank accounts are told to be ignored until such time that a solicitor’s letter is received. Only then will it receive attention by senior management. This is very effective as most people generally complain, seek a refund and get fed up calling and just simply give up trying.

All members who cancel their memberships and break their contract are subjected to threatening letters from the clubs administrator advising the member that their details may be passed to a Debt Collection Agency. JSF WILL NEVER PASS YOUR DETAILS TO A DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY. Even though the membership contract is approved under the guidelines of the NCA, you are under no obligation to remain a member if you are unhappy with the service or you are not getting use of the facility. Do not be fooled by offers of transferring or suspending you membership as these all incur administration fees which really have no bearing on your membership but a means to get extra cash into the till. What you will receive within 4 months of cancelling your membership is a letter offering to rejoin at a knock down price, hence the reason that adult members of JSF pay between €35.00 and €75.00 for the exact same membership. If you query this you will be told that the person who is paying the high amount is on a better package. This is some cases is true but in no way justifiable. If you threaten to cancel your membership the administrator will offer you a lower rate or even upgrade you for the same price you are paying. All of this will be denied by the Senior Management but rather than correct their policies they simply look the other way.

All private details of cancelled members including private home address telephone numbers bank account details & Credit/Debit Card details remain on JSF database for the purpose of Sales Campaign. This is a clear violation of the Data Protection Act 1988 and staff members on occasion have debited either voluntarily or involuntarily these accounts in order to achieve their targets. When a refund request comes in, members and ex members are advised that JSF do not do refunds or you are offered time in lieu in the gym. Only when a solicitors letter is received will the refund request be given attention by Senior Management or the MD.

Please be careful when entering the swimming pool or Jacuzzi area. Too low or too high amounts of chlorine in the pool is very common. As Assistant Managers of the clubs have a very low budget, they will neglect to buy the right amount of hygiene products if it results in them spending over budget. Seeking extra funds from Senior Management & MD’s is not looked favourably upon and results in AM’s not receiving their bonuses.

All of the above will be denied by Management of Jackie Skelly Fitness, but I can assure you it’s all true.


[Name withheld].


e-mail to the web-master, 8 December 2008 from [name withheld]

More Interesting revelations from another employee:

Absolute Con Artists!


… i would like to remain  as unidentifiable as possible for the moment unless the need arises for anything i say to be verified. this is due to the fact i am an ex employee and i understand the company is very aggressive in their nature.

i … was offered the position of “membership consultant”. i accepted … and went on my sales training. and it was here i discovered the methods they used to ensnare members. i found the whole process horrible. you are expected to appear friendly and interested in the prospect when really you are finding out all their insecurities regarding their weight or their health. i find it very manipulating and invasive. they use phrases such as “selling the dream” or if facing objections “push their fat button”. … i know people in this situation will latch on to any hope!!!

in theory what they offer is fantastic….free personal training- you are supposed to meet a trainer 3 times in your first 4 to 6 weeks. this is impossible due to the fact that the clubs operate on a very minimal skeletal staff. … (being generous) it would take our trainers 17 weeks to give every member 1 session. its just not possible and from selling the memberships ive realised that most people are drawn to this promise. personal training  is one of their unique selling points and it troubled me to realise that people were not getting it.

the membership consultants (MC’s) are under severe strain to hit monthly targets and they will tell people what they want to hear. everyone is caught up in the money that has to be made that customer service goes completely out the window. complaints and problems are never acknowledged except by the “administration”  team (which are in fact the debt collectors). and usually at this stage the member in question is only being dealt with because they have cancelled their payment method and dont want to continue with membership. to be honest i could go on all day with what i have found to be the problems with the most unethical, money hungry company i think i have ever come across. i just want to let you know any particular questions you have i would be available to answer if i can.

… also the way they process laser cards without permission is to key the number into the credit card machine this will accept the card without the need to swipe.

… also they operate on a script basis, the sales training is very intense and you are trained on how to handle any objection they may throw at you.

looking forward to hearing from you and for any help i can be

yours sincerely

[Name withheld].



e-mail to the web-master, 16 December 2008 from [name withheld]

Would love to publicly complain about the sham and utter evil nature of corporate Jackie Skellys.

[Name withheld].



e-mail to the web-master, 21 December 2008 from [name withheld]


Like hundreds (yes hundreds!) of other people, I too have been caught by the Jackie Skelly Fitness three card trick. (so was one of the people featured on the recent Prime Time Investigates programe on RTE 1)

I met a salesman from the gym at the Pavillions Shoping centre Swords in late May 2008.

He was offering membership for €59 a month. I explained to him that I may be relocating so annual membership would not suit me. He said it was no problem, and that I could have monthly roll over member ship and cancel with one months notice.

When we signed the contract he didn’t tick the box for annual membership so I felt no need (silly me) to look for the size 6 font terms and conditions that stated that there is only 12 month contracts (+ two months cancellation notice) regardless of which box is ticked/unticked.

After hearing about this scam and discovering that I had been put on a 12 month contract that I couldn’t get out of, I told the manager that the sales person had lied to me and tricked me so that he could get a sale.

The manager admited that the sales person may have lied, but it didn’t matter. I had signed the contract. The lady’s name was Aofe Doyle and it was obvious that she was well versed in what to say and how to handle the situation.

This has happened to dozens of members I have spoken to. The terms and conditions were not on the page I signed but there was a tiny clause on the contract stating that I agree to the terms and conditions. To see these Terms  + Conditions, I would have had to ask a member of staff to get them for me or check them myself on the compnay’s website.

It’s a clever and deceitful way they have of doing business. They also keep loosing any correspndance you have with them so each time you talk to a member of staff you are starting your query all over again. By the way the gym is dirty and an absolute disgrace.

Anyway, lesson learned. I will probably never do any transaction by direct debit again because reading pages of terms and conditions for each financial contract one enters would mean none of us wuld get any work done. I like to trust the companies I do business with.

I paid out the remaining months of annual subscription (less a discount I negotiated) with a member of staff, so I was well out of pocket for the experience, but I never again wanted to use the gym.

I just want to alert people to what they are up to and it may be of interest to you given that ye had a feature on this company on a recent live line program.

If you want to research this further log onto www.askaboutminey.com and search for Jackie Skelly. You will find dozens of similer tales. Those who didn’t pay the rest of their fees like I did have been hounded by debt collectors. This proves beyond doubt the nature of thier business model. 

All the best and have a happy Christmas,

[Name withheld].


e-mail to the web-master, 24 January 2009 8 from [name withheld]

Membership Scam


I just thought I would add the story of my own experience of trying to cancel my membership with Jackie Skelly.  …   I have been using gyms for the past 10 – 15 years and without doubt the Jackie Skelly branches are the poorest ones I have ever used.  So much of the equipment was always broken, similarly broken lockers, jacuzzi not working, swimming pool cold etc etc.  I complained on a numerous occasions but without any response.

…  I was relocated with work and so was not close enough to the gym to use it.  I went into the gym and told them I would be cancelling my membership.  The girl behind the counter never told me about official procedures for cancelling so I just cancelled my direct debit and thought no more about it.

About 3 weeks ago I got a phone call from them informing me that they were looking to sort out my account i.e that I owed them money for membership for the last few months.  They told me they had been sending me letters for the past few months but because I had moved they didn’t have my new address.  The girl was quite aggressive and kept asking me for my new address but I told her in no uncertain terms that I would be doing that.  I have since received 2 emails from them.  The first one outlined terms of the ‘contract’ and how they considered that my membership was still active.  The second email told me they would be pursuing all avenues to sort out my account by first passing it onto their legal department and then onto a 3rd party debt collector.

… I am thinking of getting a bit of legal advice on this but find the info on this website of great use also.

I would prefer to remain anonymous on this for now.


[Name withheld].


e-mail to the web-master, 28 Januaryr 2009 from [name withheld]

Jacky skelly assholes


I came across your website only today. I joined up with them over the phone in Nov 2007 …. In January 2008 i told them i wanted to cancel  my membership (for several reasons, incuding that the pool and jacuzzi water was dirty and cold).

They then tried to tell me i had signed up to a 12 month binding contract. Funnily enough i signed no contract as it was all done over the phone with my visa card. They then tried to tell me that i had made a verbal agreement about it. I tried to communicate to their brain dead staff that i did not make any such verbal agreement as i had never been told about this 12month condition in the first place. They continued their campaign of harrassment through phone calls, letters and even text messages saying i owed them 500 odd euro and threatening me with debt collectors etc. I tried to reason with these people by phone but soon realised there was no point. They tried then to get me to pay two different reduced sums. Basically they just wanted to extort money from me any way possible. Any time i asked to speak to a manager i was told one was not available. I asked for a manager to ring me back several times and no manager ever did.

I sent emails and in January last year i sent a final letter to the branch manager Terry Fallon and suprise, suprise i got no acknowledgement of this. It must have got lost. In this letter i said the harrassment must stop or else i would have to go down the legal route.
I got the last of their threatening letters in June 2008 and then recently they restarted their  harrassment with a letter in late January 2009 followed by an alarming voicemail telling me to contact them urgently.
… I have started proceedings against them with my solicitor.
The name scum does not cover these people and their deplorable business practices. I implore everybody to avoid these people like the plague and let everyone you know just how low they will go.

[Name withheld].


e-mail to the web-master, 29 January 2009, from [name withheld]

Jackie Skelly Contacts

Hi there,

me and my friend are trying to cancel our membership at this terrible club. Your website is very helpful in this matter!

We have sent them a letter which they claim not to have received. Could you give us the address of the administrative department? Or do you have a corporate email-address we could send something to? That would be very helpful for us.


[Name withheld].


Hi [Name withheld]
Send cancellation recorded delivery to their registered Office: 41/42 CLARENDON STREET, DUBLIN 2.
I’d also advise you to stop your payments immediately and ignore their subsequent threats – which judging by past experience are just empty threats, just hoping to extract more money through harrassement.

Let me know how you get on,

Best Wishes


e-mail to the web-master, 25th February 2009, from Gabriela Schovancova

Stolen money – I was scammed by Jackie Skelly!!!

I joined Jackie Skelly Fitness club (JS) on Clarendon Street, Dublin in January 2008. I properly cancelled my membership in November 2008 giving two months notice. I was still a regular member till the end of January 2009.

At the end of December 2008 I called in JS and wanted to talk about the option to continue in my membership. At the time, I had a month-old infant at home. A membership consultant Ruth Maguire took my details and told me that she will fill out form for me and will post it to me. She said that if I want to rejoin I have to sign the contract first and send it back to her.

I received the letter a week later, even I didn’t signed anything, JS withdrawn € 135 from my account on 7.1.2009 (€75 joining fee and €60 monthly subscription). I was still a member at this time, so I actually paid twice for January.

I called in JS countless times. After few calls with Ruth Maguire she transferred me to Natasha McCarthy. Natasha apologized to me many times and after few calls she promised me that she will talk to her manager and she will issue check and send it to me. After few weeks and few calls later when nothing happened I rang again and she transfered me to her manager Ian (I apologize; I’m still not familiar with his surname). I also spoke with him many times and he also promised to issue a check. But as I found out about how JS deal with people (thanks to this website but unfortunately too late) I don’t believe that they did or will issue any check to me.

Just to enlighten the situation: they have also withdrawn € 60 from my account for February subscription even though they didn’t have my permission/signature. I sorted this with my bank and I already changed my laser card but I’m afraid that I will have to check my account every month as I was told they can do this ad infinitum. As a result of cancelling my direct debit, I receive Request for Payment from JS for €660 … when this amount comes from I don’t have any idea.

You can use my name.

I’m sending this email also to Joe Duffy. I hope there will be more of us and maybe some day we will get some satisfaction.

Kind regards

Gabriela Schovancova


Follow up e-mail April 8, 2009

Dear Jacques

I just received the check form JS. I was dealing with Brian Walsh and first I didn’t believe that someone is really trying to help me, but he kept his promise and now I have my money back.

I would like you to post this on your website. I know that this won’t be one of the usual letters in there, but I would like to send message to everyone to don’t give up and keep trying.

They are still and all human beings.




e-mail to the web-master, 17th April 2009, from (Name Withheld)

Thieving F**ks

(Withheld pending legal action)

e-mail to the web-master, 29th April 2009, from (Name Withheld)

Finally got my Money back from Jackie Skelly’s through the Courts

I have finally received my payment from Jackie Skelly’s through the Wicklow County Sheriffs department.

I have been waiting since last June for the money they stole from me to be returned.

They unlawfully withdrew money from our credit card after we cancelled the membership.

I took an action in the small claims court and they never responded in the appropriate timescale allowed by the Courts.

I therefore signed a Decree back in October of last year and the Wicklow Sheriff final collected the money owed to me a few weeks ago.

The money was finally collected from their office at 41 42 Clarendon Street after numerous attempts.

I was told their senior financial member of staff is called Brian Walsh who deals with escalated claims of a financial matter.

I have no problem letting you use any of this information but if you could blank out my name and address, I would be grateful.



Jacques’ response:

This is fantastic. Well Done!!!

I will certainly post this on the site (including images if that’s OK) with your name & address removed.



And in Reply:

Hi Jacques,

It was like winning the lottery and there is no problem using the images for the website.

You should inform your web audience of the success factor for claiming through the small claims courts.

It’s a long but successful process that only costs €15.00.

Best of luck for the future in your quest to have Jackie Smellys trading as Mapdance Ltd brought to justice.



e-mails to the web-master, 8th May & 1st Junel 2009,
from Louie Barley Francisco


I’m the latest victim of Jackieskelly fitness

I am encouraging everyone to visit THE NATIONAL CONSUMER AGENCY and raise your concerns so legal actions should be made

Hello Jacques,

I already sent JS a formal letter of complaint 3 weeks ago as per advice from the National Consumer Agency but I did not received any reply yet.

I am happy to defend myself if they bring me to court because they wont get a cent from me but i know they are just “BLUFFING” and threatening potential clients to EXTORT more cash.

Anyways, Thanks for your website.. I hope more awareness should be made possible for everyone so cases like this will be prevented and victims like me be helped..

please do use my email in the website





e-mail to the web-master, 29th May 2009, from (Name Withheld)


… when selling a membership each sales “consultant” reads off a script in an attempt to lock the caller into a sales pitch to come to the club for an appointment. Each sales consultant much connect a new call to a minimum of 38 new potential customers a shift. Out of that he/she must make 10-15 appointments. Out of those appointments 40% MUST show up and out of the 40% that show the consultant MUST sign up 60% of these for a membership. If the Consultant doesn’t meet these “kpi’s” [Key Performance Indicators] they’re into the office for a grilling,

Consultants are not allowed to discuss price to customers over the phone & are not allowed to leave a voicemail. Consultants often called the same number over 50 times in a month after someone showed interest in the gym. On the last day of the month the price of a membership per month will dramatically drop to try reach numbers targets

… also when they send there promo people to hand out guest passes or day passes in local streets or shopping centers there actually is no such thing as a free guest pass or day pass. What basically happens is once a person’s name and number is taken, that card is given to the sales consultant and they will try start the cycle of trying too lock a person into an appointment for a potential sale, so basically when you sign up and they offer 5 free guest passes that’s not the case …l


e-mail to the web-master, 6 July 2009, from (Name Withheld)

Can You Help


I have read your details re Jackie Skelly and was wondering if you could help me. I joined Jackie Skelly (Swords) in May 2007 for one year, but after 3 months I left as the gym was overcrowded and the facilities were very dirty (I actually got a very bad ear infection from their pool). I was told I still had to keep up the payments as I was bound to contract but my direct debit would be stopped once my year payments were complete. I was a bit annoyed by this, but I thought with a contract they were right. Now I find that my direct debit was never cancelled, even though the day I went to see the sales rep to try to cancel my membership I gave him a letter to cancel my direct debit and I signed a document from them which he told me was an instruction to my bank that would be sent once my contract expired.

I know you are probably wondering why I am only noticing 18 months later, but I only get a 6 months statement from my bank and to be honest I never look too deep at it, which in hindsight I know is very stupid of me. I phoned Jackie Skelly accounts dept. today & was told I was not entitled to a refund, but I would like to know if there is anything else I can do. I don’t have a copy of the letter that I gave to Jackie Skelly that day & I have searched high and low this evening, but I cannot find any correspondence what so ever? The direct debit is EUR 67 per month.

Hope to hear from you.

Kind regards,


e-mail to the web-master, 20 July 2009, from (Name Withheld)

Jackie Skelly Rip-off

Well done keep up the good work exposing the crooks!



e-mail to the web-master, 21 July 2009, from (Name Withheld)


First of all i would like to say big  thank you for Your job done on http://www.

jackieskellymembership.com/ web page.

Unfortunately I was on of those scammed dupes by jackie skelly lying circus.!


Best success to all of those who were cheated by this scum




e-mail to the web-master, 27 July 2009, from (Name Withheld)

Rip off Skellys







e-mail to the Teresa (customerservice@jackieskellyfitness.com) forwarded to webmaster, 28 July 2009, from (Name Withheld) apparently under the impression that we are Jackie Skelly’s


So my understanding was that I could give 2 months notice and leave, as it turns out the guy in membership, Sean (with English accent and glasses – that was a description, not a slag) lying prick, and made up that story? 

I have read up a lot about your company, you are lying scum of the earth. http://www.jackieskellymembership.com/

Here it states that I am not the first person this has happened to ,not only that but you have the audacity to chase down more money? I came to you asking for a refund, for the two months that I DIDNT use (I am now living in Canada – as stated on my Reason for Leaving Form), and you say that I need to forfeit that , along with another two months that I WONT use? You must be absolutely out of your mind.

I will ensure that I mention this story to everyone back home, especially my friends that are considering renewing their memberships, or anyone thinking of joining.

So to finish, in return for the two months you have stolen from me, I will take 4 full years memberships from you from potential customers (my newly informed friends) (69pm*12m +150 J.Fee) = 978 * 4 = 3,912. 

Congratulations, I hope you go out of business Ms Skelly,

Above all, I am disappointed with myself for not doing the research, had I found that website beforehand (the one outlining reasons why you cheat people), but I will take comfort in the fact that i will save my friends 3,912 for the small sum of 138. And that my friend, is why I have won.

PS (Above tongue lashing directed at Jackie Skelly – not admin (Teresa) mailing me back…)
PPS But, even in the current job environment Teresa, I question your moral fabric working for that cheating c*nt.

All the best,



e-mail to the web-master, 27 July 2009, from (Name Withheld)

Rip off Skellys








e-mail to the web-master, 16 September 2009, from (Name Withheld)

I hate them …

I became a member of JSF almost 3yrs ago in Greystones.

It was not made clear to me by the “New Membership Rep” that this was a full year subscription. I was told I could cancel at any time (no charges were explained).

I used the gym for 4 months, then had to move house, so went to cancel membership.

Was told that this was not possible and would have to pay the outstanding amount for the year anyway – either all at once or monthly. I told the manager of Greystones that this was not made clear to me. I even had the New Membership guy’s name. I was told that “he seemed to have not explained it well to a few ppl actually but not to worry – he’s getting further training”. So i said “so you have admitted this was not clear at time of joining – your fault – I’m not paying up”.

She did not take this so well. She said she’d call me again. No word from her.

Following month money was taken from my current account using the direct debit I had set up initially. I then instructed the bank to cancel this direct debit. The following month, JSF charged the months membership to my credit card.  It took me a while to work out how they got the number – I had paid for something like swimming togs with it. They had retained the number (mark against them) and then charged the card without permission (another mark).

I rang the manager and told her that she was NOT to charge the card again. I did not give permission. If she wanted to take further action she could send legal papers to my address but that no further charges to my card were authorized. I sent a printed letter and email also. I received a “email was read” alert. But no reply to anything.

Following month – same again – charged to my credit card. I sent the same letters and emails again. I knew I was going to win this one.

Third month – same again. So I sent copies of all transactions and emails and read receipts and letters to my bank and solicitor. My solicitor sent them a letter pointing out that they verbally admitted to a fault on their behalf due to lack of training so I was not to blame for believing my membership was monthly. But most importantly – that they blatently broke the law. They were instructed in every form possible that they were not authorised to charge the card – and they did – 3 times. Within days my account was reimbursed. I heard nothing from them. Not even an apology. I have records of all communication and financial transactions that took place. Within the last 2 yrs I have received 7 phonecalls and 3 text msgs inviting me to rejoin. Unfortunately – its the poor young guy who is just doing their job of cold call marketing who gets the brunt of it. I have instructed them by email, phone and letter to remove my personal information from all databases. But today at 13.11 I got yet another call.

Who can I go to about this?? I want to get them back for all the hassle they have caused me. Just thinking about Jackie Skellys puts me in a heightened state of rage.

I hate them.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Reply from Jacques de St-Ferriol

Sorry for the delay in replying,

Sounds like you did the right thing – they know perfectly well that they’re in the wrong so will always cave in as soon as solicitors are mobilised.

On the data privacy question, take a look at http://www.dataprotection.


If you cannot get satisfaction your best option is probably to send them another solicitor’s letter asking them to stop harassing you.

For the sales calls, I understand other victims have found satisfaction by keeping a whistle handy and blowing it loudly whenever JS rings, or alternatively by telling them that you are very interested in their new special offer but just need to go and turn the oven off. Then put the phone down til they eventually hang up. Repeat as often as necessary wasting their time and money and frustrating their sales staff.

On the credit card scam, you might want to ask your solicitor if they have commited any criminal offence, in which case you might enjoy reporting it to the garda.

Please let me know how you get on

Best wishes

Jacques de st-Ferriol



e-mail to the web-master, 27 July 2009, from (Name Withheld)

Rip off Skellys

Dear Jacques

First may I commend your website, I joined Clarendon Street Jackie Skelly in October 08. The sales pitch was quick and slick and I signed up for 12 months paid by direct debit and a Joining fee.

I stopped using it in Feb 09 due to changes in my personal life, but even prior to this I had made some verbal complaints about the poor service the general lack of staff the total lack of supervision of people in the weights area (I myself had to advise a number of people who were using machinery in a unsafe manner) and the inconvenient openning hours at weekend.

I moved from Dublin in June 09 and currently work up to 100 hours a week in a midlands hospital, I did not cancel it at that stage as I was aware I had signed up for 12 months and expected that a fee would apply if I cancelled before then. I also called and was informed I could not cancel over the phone.

Today I came to Dublin today partly to cancell it in person. Of course I was informed I have to pay 2 more months for a service I cannot use. I asked it if I could see a copy of the contract that I had signed, this could not be produced. I asked to speak to a manager, of course no one was available. When I asked to see a contract sample one was produced with a few sections circled needless to say the print was fine and wording ambiguous.

I note that the contract was to change in 30 Oct 08 as per the national consumer agency website as such I am not sure if the contract I was presented with matches the one I signed one year ago.

I wish to cancel my direct debit, but am afraid that it may affect my credit rating etc. I can afford the loss but I see it as a matter of principle. If indeed their policy is within the letter of the law it is at best disingenous and certainly in violation of basic human senses of fairness and ethical behaviour.

You may place a copy of this letter on your website if you wish but do not include my name or email address.




I do not believe that cancelling payment will affect your credit rating (There is some correspondence on this question on various message boards).

If it did I think you would have excellent case against them for libel in the circumstances, but you might want to check this one with a solicitor.

Best Regards

Jacques de St-Ferriol




e-mail to the web-master, 21 October, from (Name Withheld)

Trying to Quit

Hi, trying to quit the gym at the moment. Contacted them 8/10/09 and had no response, contacted again 9/10.09 and received “This email is only to confirm we have received your email. We will be in touch again shortly.” Contacted them again today and waiting for a response. Any suggestions? All emails i sent have requested a delivery and read receipt



My advice is to keep copies of your notice to quit, and then cancel any direct debits you have & report as “compromised” any credit cards of which they have the details.

Then just ignore their empty threats.

Best Regards,




e-mail to the web-master, 21 October, from (Name Withheld)

Trying to Quit

Hi, trying to quit the gym at the moment. Contacted them 8/10/09 and had no response, contacted again 9/10.09 and received “This email is only to confirm we have received your email. We will be in touch again shortly.” Contacted them again today and waiting for a response. Any suggestions? All emails i sent have requested a delivery and read receipt



My advice is to keep copies of your notice to quit, and then cancel any direct debits you have & report as “compromised” any credit cards of which they have the details.

Then just ignore their empty threats.

Best Regards,





e-mail to the web-master, 30 October, from (Name Withheld)

Jackie Skelly Membership

To whom it concerns,

I have recently tried to cancel my contract with Jackie Skelly’s GYM in Ashbourne.  On signing my agreement I specific asked if I could cancel at any time I was informed by Ciaran that I could cancel any time with 2 months notice.  Surely If I sign a contract with good will

I would expect open and truthful information from the other party.  Ihave now been informed that I have to attend for 12 months.  Firstly when I contacted Jackie Skelly customer Service I was told their system was down and they did not recieve my mail, I had to make 3 calls for them to even admit they had a mail cancelling me membership with them.

I cannot believe a group this big is getting away with this.  Is there nothing a consumer can do if provided with incorrect information.  At the time I had a third party with me who also witnessed the lies I was told.

Kind regards,



Jackie Skelly are a bunch of crooks running a deliberate criminal scam and relying on weaknesses in the law to get away with it.

There is not the least doubt about that (if there were, their attempts to suppress this website would have succeeded)

In these circumstances you cannot rely on their sense of fair play or their goodwill. simply stop paying them or even replying to their demands. As you have a witness they will not take any action against you – you would have a very strong case in court.

Best Regards